Fine Art, Painting, and Limited Edition Prints, Presents a Gallery Experience by Rebecca Rozales.

Rebecca V. Rozales was born in Denver, Co. She studied Art in residences in Mexico City, Mexico and completed her BFA at Metropolitan State College. Rebecca has worked as an Artist for over twenty-five years and has helped develop curriculum and teach fine arts and crafts, including pottery, sculpture, batik and puppetry to children ages 6-18. She has completed independent professional art work on an individual contract basis. Her unique work has graced dozens of exhibits and remains in private collections internationally.
Rebecca's Show

Rebecca began drawing as early as age five and remembers her mother giving her pages from the phone book to draw. She showed promise in 1975 when she won Best Of Show at the Denver Art Museum. Rebecca works in such mediums as pastels, acrylics, carved block printing, and sculpture.

Rebecca with Boxer

Rebecca has the ability to capture the essence of the soul. Experimenting with styles using unending variations of the human form. She navigates through Modern art and contributes to our understanding of itís relationship within our culture.
Rebecca's Studio


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